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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Election results challenged: Fiji First goes into hiding

Opposition parties are taking High Court action to overturn the November results, citing a number of Electoral Act breaches by the Fiji First Party.

SODELPA and NFP have joined forces to petition the Court to recognise the breaches and overturn the results that gave FFP majority government.

The court sction to overturn the election has forced Frank Bainimarama and co into hiding taking refuge at Suvavou House to avoid being called to court with military guarding them.

More to come.


Suomynona said...

Its always something fishy when FFP tries to dodge legal action against them by the opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Was that a smart or a stupid thing for Fiji First MPs to go sheepishly into hiding to evade due process of law under the orders of Aiyaz Khaiyum? Aiyaz Khaiyum gave proof of what kind of leader he really is - the unscrupulous kind .
It is not hard to tell what intelligent, right thinking Fiji people think of Khaiyum's pathetic ploy.
- chiku

Maya Wati said...

It is no clear the judges only allowed two witnesses to hide the truth.
If a full inquiry would have been conducted a lot of truths would have come out and many people including the government would have been sacked and jailed for lying and making falsifying documents to give FFP the win.

Hari Prasad said...

I agree with you Maya Wati all the Fiji's junglees have been conned
The two man who want to hang on to power forever are the two masters of FFP.

They want to be the longest serving party longer than the Ratu Mara's party but that was legitimate that party was not formed after the coup.

Unknown said...

FFP aren't legit all cowards.

Lalia said...

FFP Supporters know this well but they are pussys and ass lickers.

Rosemary Gupta said...

Its up to the people of Fiji to decide and they know the truth.
Whatever is happening we wish Fiji well and peace be upon all people always!
Violence and fear mongering is not good and freedom is a free gift from God but then that is not to use it for evil purposes.

Maya Wati said...

Lets leave Fiji as it is for peace sake and no make further comments on this issue.

Balram said...

We will let the monkey man and his bullshit army former commander rule fiji.
We all know he removed Chaudhary and Mara and then got rid of Qarase and Iloilo as well as Madriwiwi just to be in power himself.

Stupid Fijians save your country, you lamoo sonas and ass lickers of FFP.

They will make Fiji like Aust an NZ go dream, even Mara could not do it that place will always be back ward and junglee the educated and rich ones leave no future there under FFp or Rabuka Govt if he comes back.

Aryan Kumar said...

I disagree with the comments written above. I agree that Banimarama had to do a coup in 2006 but he has the Indians at his heart, the previous SDL and SVT governments only had Fijian natives in their heart and there were policies made which was racist and down grading other small ethic groups living in Fiji.

Under Bainimarama and Khaiyum they have both promoted some very qualified persons in top jobs. The Indian are right now doing a very good job in their duly appointed roles, also the Indians feel very safe under the FFP rule.

If SDL or SVT come back it will be chiefly rule again and the Fijians will turn nasty again towards all other ethic groups living in Fiji.

I wish FFP and all of Fiji all the best.

Joshi Vyas said...

For peace sake please take all this hatred website down. we should love one another as brothers and sister and that commandment is from God almighty no matter what religion you follow.

It is hurting to see how hatred can bring instability and try to destroy peace and love as it did in NZ recently.

An Australian man with so much hatred for others and no remorse after his arrest shows how terrorism is no about religion and skin color but whats in the heart.
Lets love our brothers and sisters and do not incite violence of any kind and love one another just as Jesus has commanded us to do and love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Peace be on you!

Joshi Vyas
ex 35 Gorrie Street, Suva Fiji
lived there from 1969 to 1983

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Rosemary Gupta said...

Get rid of Bulitavu, he has already proven that Sodelpa like SDL and SVT are all racist Fijians parties.

They should change the name of the party to Sakiasi Butadroka party same principals and racist policies against Indians and other minorities in Fiji.

He should be thrown our by his party or the Fijian parliament should either suspend him or terminate is member for parliament seat.

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