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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Election results challenged: Fiji First goes into hiding

Opposition parties are taking High Court action to overturn the November results, citing a number of Electoral Act breaches by the Fiji First Party.

SODELPA and NFP have joined forces to petition the Court to recognise the breaches and overturn the results that gave FFP majority government.

The court sction to overturn the election has forced Frank Bainimarama and co into hiding taking refuge at Suvavou House to avoid being called to court with military guarding them.

More to come.


Suomynona said...

Its always something fishy when FFP tries to dodge legal action against them by the opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Was that a smart or a stupid thing for Fiji First MPs to go sheepishly into hiding to evade due process of law under the orders of Aiyaz Khaiyum? Aiyaz Khaiyum gave proof of what kind of leader he really is - the unscrupulous kind .
It is not hard to tell what intelligent, right thinking Fiji people think of Khaiyum's pathetic ploy.
- chiku

Maya Wati said...

It is no clear the judges only allowed two witnesses to hide the truth.
If a full inquiry would have been conducted a lot of truths would have come out and many people including the government would have been sacked and jailed for lying and making falsifying documents to give FFP the win.

Hari Prasad said...

I agree with you Maya Wati all the Fiji's junglees have been conned
The two man who want to hang on to power forever are the two masters of FFP.

They want to be the longest serving party longer than the Ratu Mara's party but that was legitimate that party was not formed after the coup.