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Friday, December 14, 2018

Where in the world is Frank Bainimarama?

The lawyer acting on behalf of Fiji First parliamentarians, Devanesh Sharma, tried to get the Suva High Court to delay court proceedings because one of the respondents of the petition, the Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama was out of the country.

He told the court that while the court has made the order for the petition to be advertised in the newspapers, the petitioners should be aware that one of them is out of the country.

Justice Kamal Kumar responded saying the advertisement in the newspapers today means that everyone has been served, whether they're in the country or not.

So where in the world is Frank Bainimarama?

We invite you all to try and find out where he is by posting photos of him and his family or any other information you can find. 


Anonymous said...

Frank Banimarama is in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia earning $3000.00 per day

Anonymous said...

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Suomynona said...

Isn't it a summons and not a subpoena? Because they can still run the court case without Khaiyum's lackey who is busy overseas. FFP doing whatever it can to evade justice as always

Anonymous said...

Have they found the co co man Ratu bani marama and Arse kaihyum

Anonymous said...

Frank Banimarama shit in his pent he went to China for cleaning. China got special machine which able to rubs and clean Franks Arse.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dewan Chand ( Fiji Times 3/11 ) heaps praise on Indian PM Narendra Modi and his government for " constructing the world's tallest statue " [183 m] ... in memory of Vallabhai Patel, the [Indian] freedom fighter".
Vallabhai Patel does indeed deserve recognition for his pivotal role as a freedom fighter. But I am not sure building a $400 million plus ( $F865 m ) statue is the way to do that.
Dewan Chand wants us to believe " This statue is bound to inspire millions of Indian youth..."
I wonder how many Indian youth are inspired by that other legendary Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi in today's India?
Heaps more seem to be inspired by Bollywood heroes and beauties and the escapism they provide from the real world .
Incidentally I wonder how many public toilets could have been built around India with that kind of money to make India a better, cleaner and less foul smelling place - as Modi had promised as a key part of his election platform?
Rajend Naidu
( PS : This letter was originally submitted to The Fiji Times which did not publish it for reasons best known to them ).

Anonymous said...

In a survey by Australian and US psychologists - Does truth matter to voters? - it was revealed that in the US, which is believed to be in an era of ' post-truth ', it seems that voters will back their candidates no matter how much they mislead or lie to their constituents.
By contrast in Australia voters will admit to being duped if they discover they've been lied to and will even change their vote if a politician is repeatedly found guilty of lying or not following through on campaign promises. ( source : ' Survey reveals how much truth matters to voters' YOURLifeChoices 14/1/19 ).
I wonder what's it like in post coup Fiji? How many lies can a pollie tell there before people lose trust in them?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

We learn from Aljazeera news that " Despite the killings, tear gas, arrests and beatings, demonstrators step out and demand end of President Bashir's rule ". That's been going for over a month now and it's said " This time it's different". What's different is that " People were not afraid like previous times. They want to be heard. They wanted to make sure that their message of wanting al-Bashir to resign is known".
But after enjoying the privilege of almost absolute power for 30 years Bashir is not likely to relinguish power peacefully. And as the former US ambassador David Shinin noted that seems to be the case with the security apparatus in the country backing Bashir.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Friday that " We strongly encourage the government to be very attentive to the respect of human rights".
A repressive ruler like Bashir is not likely to pay any attention to that.
It's up to the people to remain steadfast in their mass movement to end the powerhungry ruler's rule.
Rajend Naidu