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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bainimarama tells Tikoduadua 'watch out': video

Still doubting Frank Bainimarama assaulted Pio Tikoduadua?

This slow-motion grab shows the menacing intent of Bainimarama when he accosts Tikoduadua and verbally attacks him, then physically assaults him.

Here’s what happened.

He calls out to him: “ Lako mai ike” meaning "Pio come here"

As Pio turns to walk towards him, Bainimarama starts swearing “Magaitinana – mother@#$%&!” and “caiti-tamana - @#$% your father.”

When he grabs Tikoduadua by his lapels, it’s with enough force to push Tikoduadua several steps back and for one of the lens of his glasses, to fall to the ground.

Bainimarama tells Tikoduadua: “Qarauna tiko - watch out "magai-tinamu – fuck your mother*” and “caiti-tamamu"- @#$% your father.”




Notre Dame said...

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Rams Game
Steelers Game

Anonymous said...

What has the coverage of this critically significant matter of the physical assault and verbal abuse on opposition party leader and member of parliament by PM Frank Bainimarama been in the Fiji Sun? I suppose the propaganda paper still doubts the assault happened and would like everyone else to think likewise.
But they forgot people can only take so much bullshit before they reach the tippi point.
I think that point has come albeit belatedly.
People of Fiji now know what kind of people are ruling the country. The kind not fit to rule!
- chiku

Tomasi said...

The almighty heavenly father has forgiven Frank. Its time to move on and continue the almighties work and spread the good gospel of the lord. Men make mistakes and god always forgives them as soon as they do it.

Prime minister made a mistake and i know deep down in my heart the almighty father himself has laid his hands upon prime minister and forgiven him for his actions.

Let us not spread hate and fear. Love one another and love the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Tomasi, so how many times should we forgive Frank for his abuses?

Anonymous said...

I think Tomasi is a confused Soul, Tomasi you are only forgiven when you admit your wrong and repent, not any other way. Not been self-righteous and lie that it didn't happen . Especially when you are called a Leader of a Nation, What say you?

Anonymous said...

Ratu Tomasi -only Fijian god forgives the crime Fijian does That's why 90% of indigenous Fijian are in prison

Suomynona said...

Fiji Snub has probably denounced this in their own way by now instead of legitimately condemning it, which most of FlipFlop Party's sapota squad would happily believe like the not so bright idiots that they are.

Frankie has quite a big ego but a very small peanut brain that he had to lash out like a little bitch and he also needs to take constructive criticism up the arse and not just on the chin.

Anonymous said...

Luke 12:48 (ESV)
"48 .......... Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more."

Bainimarama you claimed that most people entrusted their votes on you? Now they are demanding more from you as their PM not a common thug.

Apology must come from the heart and not simply a thearetical recitation of a prepared speech.

Do the right thing and resign like most people decent people do.

"Vengeance is mine".