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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Beddoes's questions Speaker of Parliament's inaction with Bainimarama assault case


It is now 17 days since the assault took place and 4 days since the video showing the actual ‘assault was released to the public.

In light of the ‘inaction thus far I will assume that you have paid no attention to your individual obligations under the 2013 constitution and therefore I have taken the liberty to spell it out for you.

Sec 26 Right to equality and freedom from discrimination
(1) Every person is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection, treatment and benefit of the law.

(2) Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms recognized in this Chapter or any other written law.

(3) A person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly on the grounds of his or her—
(a) actual or supposed personal characteristics or circumstances, including race, culture, ethnic or social origin, colour, place of origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, birth, primary language, economic or social or health status, disability, age, religion, conscience, marital status or pregnancy; or
(b) opinions or beliefs, except to the extent that those opinions or beliefs involve harm to others or the diminution of the rights or freedoms of others, or on any other ground prohibited by this Constitution.

(4) A law or an administrative action taken under a law may not directly or indirectly impose a limitation or restriction on any person on a prohibited ground.

(5) Every person has the right of access, membership or admission, without discrimination on a prohibited ground, to shops, hotels, lodging-houses, public restaurants, places of public entertainment, clubs, education institutions, public transportation services, taxis and public places.

(6) The proprietor of a place or service referred to in subsection (5) must facilitate reasonable access for persons with disabilities to the extent prescribed by law.

(7) Treating one person differently from another on any of the grounds prescribed under subsection (3) is discrimination, unless it can be established that the difference in treatment is not unfair in the circumstances.

Mr Speaker and Madam Chair of the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, when your predecessors dealt with Ratu Naiqama’s case, for saying 2 words in a political meeting in Nasinu in 2015, they took just 7 days to call the Privileges Committee into session, drew up their terms of reference, conduct their meetings, arrive at a conclusion, and presented their findings and justification for his expulsion and despite calls from the opposition to play the audio of the meeting which was the main evidence before the matter was put to the vote, the Speaker who was party to Ratu Naiqama’s alleged ‘crime did not recuse herself and instead presided over the proceedings where the Fiji First majority and the Speaker took on the role of prosecutors, jury, judge and executioners and Ratu Naiqama was suspended for 2 years and lost all allowances and salaries and privileges as an elected representative of the people.

For Hon Tupou Draunidalo it took the same officials just 3 days in their roles of prosecutors, jury, judge and executioners to suspend Hon Draunidalo for the remainder of her parliamentary term which was also more than 2 years.

The Parliamentary process proceeded and was concluded without any waiting for or involvement of the Police, Ratu Naiqama’s alleged utterances was in Nasinu. The incident involving Hon Tikoduadua and the Prime Minister was in the Parliament Car Park, the video is clear as daylight.

Commissioner of Police, you had a lot to say when Felix Anthony and the FTUC were trying to get a permit to protest the ADB Conference and in the wake of the Water Authority dispute, yet when it comes to the PM assaulting the President of a political party, which is captured on camera, you have had almost nothing to say about this national embarrassment?

The credibility and the integrity of the Parliamentary process and the independence of our police force is at stake and the people are watching. Each of you owe your positions to the Prime Minister, and therefore none of you can act impartially or with neutrally in this matter and you must all step aside including the Attorney General.

By removing or recusing yourselves from any involvement in this matter and allowing 3 neutral and independent persons to act in your place, you will in effect help protect the integrity of parliament and the police and demonstrate to all that the due process adopted is fair, transparent and just.

To do otherwise will just be a sham!


Anonymous said...

Fiji has equal citizenship of the Animal Farm variety : everyone is equal but some are more equal. And we know who the more equal gang are.
- chiku

Fiji Islander said...

So sad you nail it right on the spot Mr Beddoes....where are we now? We are already losing our trust in this governemnt which serves the interest of the high ranks....

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Mick.

Anonymous said...

Anyone Knows what happened at FIRCA on Friday?
Muslim Director Revenue sacked by Haribal CEO and Kaiyum re-instate back on Tuesday?

Suomynona said...

Couldn't have said it better myself Mick, this is literally Animal Farm in real life.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for democracy in Fiji. Where is the DINA, DODONU and SAVASAVA?

Anonymous said...

Just drop all the FFP memebers and the Speaker in a couldron of BOOM and boil them for 2 years.

Of. Sorry the Lord will do that when He drops them into the unquenchable Lake of Fire.

The only problem is that He is such a Loving God and will probably pardon all of them, just as He did with you and me.

Sigh! What a long wait!