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Friday, August 30, 2019

More to the Bainimarama assault video than meets the eye

A week after C4.5 released video footage of Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama assaulting NFP MP and President Pio Tikoduadua on August 9, further analysis of the footage reveals several significant things:

1. The bodyguards of Bainimarama are equally as guilty as their thug boss as they step in to protect him and chase off those who more than likely wanted to capture the assault on their cell phones

2. The force used by Bainimarama is excessive. On close examination, he uses enough force to jolt Tikodaudua’s glasses from his pocket to fall to the ground. Like a trained torturer, he holds him by the lapels and knees him with his right leg. He holds Tikoduadua with such ferocity that he propels him backwards, even though Tikoduadua is physically a bigger man than Bainimarama.

3. At all times during the incident, Tikoduadua has both his arms beside him – he doesn't even lift them to even fend off his attacker. The only thing he does is bends down to pick up his lens from the ground that was broken by Bainimarama's assault.

We ask:
Why didn't Frank Bainimarama's bodyguards chase away this vehicle and its driver and passenger which stopped next to them as their treasonous boss was assaulting Pio Tikoduadua of the National Federation Party on August 9?

The dark tinted twin cab with private registration plates (FV. 783) suddenly drives up and stops near to where the assault is taking place. Analysis of the footage shows the bodyguards surrounding Bainimarama are communicating with someone.

A suited man gets out of the vehicle, walks behind Bainimarama and Pio and stands behind a government ministerial vehicle monitoring the scene. He is not told to move away by Baimanarama's thuggish guards.

Why is this important?

Sources have told us that the vehicle is registered to the Legal Aid Commission. It is clear it used by the bodyguards as a back-up vehicle. No private vehicle, apart from authorised vehicles of ministers and MPs, are allowed to park or enter Constitution Avenue when Parliament is sitting. Both ends of the roads are blocked, so this vehicle was within the blocked area.
Now this is where things get interesting. The man who gets out of the vehicle is no lawyer but a trained military officer, who is part of Attorney General and Bainimarama's right hand man, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's security detail. His name and rank is Sergeant Kenawai.

Why is a Legal Aid Commission vehicle being used by bodyguards of both Bainimarama and Khaiyum? Surely Khaiyum has authorised it as the Legal Aid Commission comes under the Ministry of Justice, which is under Khaiyum's control.

Now, is that not abuse of taxpayers funds!

Did Khaiyum know of Bainimarama's planned attack on Tikoduadua? You be the judge. 

It has just been proven that the two-man rule of Bai and Kai will go to lengths to abuse taxpayers funds and protect themselves.

Nobody else matters to them.

1 comment:

Suomynona said...

With the price hike in issued passports and government sticking its nose into FNPF, these are clear signs that taxpayer funds are not only being used for personal gain but also that the country may have a serious loan debt issue to other countries like China.

And those two idiots Frankie and Ayarse will continue to do whatever they can to avoid ending up in Naboro with the military as their occasional lackey pawns and bodyguards.