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Thursday, October 17, 2019

DPP says sufficient evidence but no charges against Bainimarama

The DPP has now closed the investigation into Frank Bainimarama assaulting Pio Tikoduadua saying nothing further can be done since Parliament has already dealt with the situation.

Christopher Pryde says there was sufficient evidence of the assault for the case to go to court but since Parliament has already ruled on it, the matter cannot be dealt with in court since Parliament has higher powers.

The Speaker of the House, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum would already have known, as we did, that if Parliament ruled, that would be the end of the investigation.

Yet another huge miscarriage of justice with Frank Bainimarama getting away with his thug behaviour yet again.

Still believe Fiji is a democracy where there is fairness, transparency, accountability, freedom of the press for all?

Hopefully those who support the Fiji First Government are coming to their senses and realise that there are 2 rules of law in Fiji - one for the citizens and the other which sets Frank Bainimarama and his merry men free of any criminal activities, even though they may be guilty of it.

Welcome to Fiji - the way the world shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

I have said this before and say again in the " new Fiji " and " true democracy " of Bainimarama and Khaiyum's creation everyone is equal but some are more equal. It's not at all surprising that the law is bent to suit the more equal.
The perpetrator gets away without any sanction and the victim is suspended from parliament. That's justice in Bainimarama's new Fiji.
It is precisely for this reason that Bainimarama has installed his lackeys in key positions .
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find me one person - only one person - who is surprised that the coupist prime minister Frank Bainimarama has got away with his relatively minor transgression of assault on an opposition member of parliament? He has got away with a whole lot worse!
- chiku

Anonymous said...

In Pakistan or terroristan if a girl is raped. the girl will go to jail not the rapist. This equation apples in new Fiji under thug bainimarama and thugs kaihyum. Kaihyum belong to terroristan country and bornge Frankey bainimarama follows.

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni Qiliho is part Muslim and part Fijian. Farther Muslim and mother native Fijian

Anonymous said...

The problem is not with anybody's race - not Qilihos, not newzealander Prydes, - the problem is with their unscrupulous conduct. Their dishonesty is stark and shameful. They insult the intelligence of the Fijian people with their pathetic ploy to sweep the case against the coupist PM ( their political master ) under the carpet.
Atleast one positive from this SHAMBOLIC sheninagan is that the true character of the people covering up for Bainimarama has been exposed fully.
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Bent legal people like DPP Christopher Pyrde is not uncommon. The American experience shows legal bigwigs like Rudy Gulianni, Michael Cohen William Barr all compromised their professional integrity to shield the Megalomanic president Donal Trump.
- chiku

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the reaction of Qiliho, Pyrde and other cronies would have been had the roles been the other way with Pio abusing and assaulting Bainimarama? Your guess on this would be as good as mine...
- chiku

Anonymous said...

That's what Mohammed Imraz Janiff wants to know in his letter to The Fiji Times 20/10.. Why indeed ! Sounds like the DPP was beating around the bush and pulling wool over the eyes of the Fijian people. Janif's letter exposes the contradiction and inconsistency in the DPP's rationalisation on why the PM Bainimarama's assault on MP Pio Tikiduadua case was being closed.
Janif's logical extrapolation shows the DPP's decision is logically flawed.
Well it proves even legal people perched in high places are capable of crooked thinking!
Rajend Naidu

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Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of Australian democracy. Here is an example.
Gerry Gillespie ( Letter Canberra Times 23/10 ) writes :
" Surely Mike Pezzullo [ Secretary of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection ] is having a lend of us? A grandmother can go into Syria on her own and find her grandchildren, but Mr Pezzullo's highly trained, billion dollar funded, secret service agents and sophisticated SAS forces can't arrange the hire of a second hand bus in a country which operates on back room deals?
Are we to believe his " team " can terrify small children in Biloela dressed as armed thugs [ re: dawn raid on Tamil refugee family ] but wouldn't want to risk them in Syria?...
In some so called democracies if a citizen called members of the State security forces " armed thugs " you can be rest assured he or she would get rounded up and taken in for interrogation and third degree treatment.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

David Conolly offers an excellent remainder in his letter " Your Right to Know " ( The Age 24/10 ). He writes :
"... True democracy is dependent on transparency and accountability, both foreign concepts in the inner sanctum of the government. They forget that we pay their [fat ] salaries and have a right to know what they are up to and how they spend our money. Whistleblowers need protection as does freedom of the press ".
We clearly can't have true democracy without the checks on the conduct of the power holders provided by a free press and whistleblowers.
They are indispensable to democracy.
Rajend Naidu

Suomynona said...

Of course Bainimagalevu will get away with it as long as his butt-sniffing lackeys are in place in order to make sure that he avoids facing justice. And yet Frankie loves preaching about democracy on the outside but on the inside its deceptively draconian as a dicktatorship.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Charles tells us in his letter to The Age 5/11/19 " When Scott Morrison speaks of quiet Australians he really means keep quiet Australians. It's a concerning approach for what we like to think as democracy and should be a cause for alarm ".
Indeed it should.
Getting the people to keep quiet and not question the gang in government is the modus operandi of an authoritarian state. It's Orwellian.
Scott Morrison is of course not alone in this regard. I know of other so called democratic national leaders who not only want their people to keep quiet but also do everything in their ( ill gotten ) power to keep them quiet.
They claim they have put in place a " true democracy " for the first time in the country's history.
But in that " true democracy " peaceful protest by the workers is not permitted !
What kind of " true democracy " is that?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Are our politicians robbing us blind? ( Letters, Canberra Times 1/11/19 ). Short answer : Yes. Any public survey will confirm it. That's the common perception the public have of politicians. Which, of course, does not mean there are no decent politicians who have the public interest and the public good at heart. But they unfortunately have become a rare and endangered species in today's world of politics.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

minister for local govt premila kumar looks like one fat cow

Anonymous said...

Fiji Trades Union Congress president Daniel Urai says the statement Fiji's permanent representative to the United Nations Nazhat Shameen made to the UN Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, viz, that " the Fijian Government had a proven record of working in good faith with employers, employees and worker representatives to uphold the constitutional right of all Fijians to fair employment practices" was " misleading " ( The Fiji Times 9/11 ).
The FTUC president has put that so politely. In the days before political correctness we would have simply said " she's bullshitting"!
The one thing I have learned from studying critical thinking at university is to never accept what any high profile bigshot government wallah says as gospel!
Rajend Naidu

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Anonymous said...

What a scam!!!!!!
The scammer pretending to be a do gooder............
Just like Bai/Khai scam/con artists pretending to be the saviour of Fiji...........
You can fool some of the people some of the time............