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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Fiji Revenue and Customs CEO resigns

Viswanath Das, the embattled Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Revenue & Customs Service has resigned from his post more than 3 years after being appointed.

We have been told that this comes after he, Faiz Khan and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum were seen together at the premises of FICAC - the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Remember last week FICAC cleared Khaiyum's aunt Nur Bano Ali of benefiting from $500,000 of taxpayers funds after rejecting the Auditor General and Fiji Court of Appeal findings that no tenders were called for the restructure of Rewa Dairy some years ago.

So what was cooked that saw Das resign. Why was Khaiyum's blue-eyed boy there in his master's company? And why did Khaiyum as Minister responsible for FICAC go to its office knowing it is an independent office - or is supposed to be seen to be independent?

Das and Faiz Khan have been implicated in allegations that they unlawfully authorised payment of legal fees to Haniff Tuitoga lawyers, to defend former FRCS Director Shameem Khan who is facing corruption charges. And both are implicated in allegations authorising payment of salary to Shameem Khan after he was charged and hauled to Court.

Is Khaiyum trying to save his friends just like he saved his aunt Nur Bano Ali? And has Das has become the sacrificial lamb to escape any charges?

Sources say most at FRCS don't know of this move and will only know after an announcement by either Das himself or the new FRCS Board.

So who is salivating at Das's resignation and thinks he will become the new CEO?

Enter Fazrul Rahman.

For almost two years until August 2018, Rahman was Director Corporate Management. In August 2018 he was appointed Director Revenue Management. Sources say this is when Das and Rahman didn't see eye to eye.

Sources say both of them started building their own inner circle and the power struggle saw FRCS operating as two entities instead of a unified body.

Das reportedly also had in his inner circle like Fane Vave, the Director Corporate Services who had succeeded Rahman after he was appointed Director Revenue Management. Then he had senior personalities like Kapil Raj who as we revealed made the payments to Haniff Tuitoga to defend Shameem Khan.

We have been told Vave has also resigned eight months into her new role following Das's resignation.

Rahman did not sit quietly either. He also went about building an inner circle and tried to undermine Das with his eye firmly fixed on the ultimate prize of the next CEO. And in his corner is also Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum who last year made sure Rahman return to his job after his contract was not renewed by Das.

Rahman went to Khaiyum, opened his laptop and revealed how Dass was practicing nepotism in making appointments, while all the time hiding his own acts of nepotism and favouritism.

We are aware that last year FRCS staff signed a petition and individual staff provided details of how Rahman was ill-treating them and at the same time displaying arrogance because he knew he had the hand of Khaiyum on his shoulder.

Sources say it will be a mighty relief to see both Das and Rahman go as their terms had expired. Das was re-appointed for a term of 3 months until April but we had predicted he wasn't going to last till then.

Meanwhile Rahman's inner circle includes his Deputies Shavindra Nath and Shalini Kumar whose absenteeism is ignored by Rahman. Sources they are in cohorts with Rahman in sabotaging revenue collection to undermine Das.

Another of Rahman's puppets, Mohamed Rizwan Khan has escalated from being a mere Customs Officer to Manager and is now being eyed for a lucrative post for secondment to UNTACD – the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development. We are told before becoming Rahman's puppet, Rizwan was Shameem Khan's boy and his relative who received the first promotion under Shameem Khan.

Sources day FRCS staff will be glad to see the back of both Das and Rahman. Sources add that the staff want Revenue and Customs to be separated to what it was two decades ago so there is no clash of responsibilities and personalities.

As separate entities there was an Inland Revenue Commissioner and a Comptroller of Customs.

Sources say there are many examples in the world where consolidation of both revenue making bodies hasn't worked. They point out that both Canada and Papua New Guinea have reverted to the original system of separating both entities after merging them didn't work.

They point out if this happened, there won't be the kind of nepotism, undermining or organisation and clash of personalities like what is being seen now.


Anonymous said...

There is no future for Fiji, I suggest that all the Fiji citizens migrate overseas and only Bai and Kai and their friends will be in Fiji.

Leave Fiji or do something as these bully tactics but the FFP is making Fiji citizens look embarrassed an frighted like whimps

Learn from HK and all over the world how people power can change anything.

Bring back the Queen and the Fiji we had before 1987 Coup. You can all do it but too frightened to be taken to the barracks....

We need a real leader in Fiji who can stand up and be tortured and imprisoned but still sticks with the truth.

I cannot see any real leader in FFP or the opposition, they are all hopeless

Maybe make Lenora Qereqeretabua the PM she has the guts to stand up and she is a very strong young Fijian lady...

Anonymous said...

Das resigns so Muslims have taken over from the Fijians(native) real Fijians that is now they are over taking the Hindus too and will make the country a small Saudi Arabia.
I wont be surprised if Bai is Muslim too now.
Can someone deliver a huge pork to Khaiyums house and make him eat it by force

He is treating all Fijian citizens like dirt, we miss the days when Ratu Mara was in charge.

Raja Saheb

Zetland, Sydney

Lived in Fiji before to 1983.

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff, sniff just more of the whore's fishy kaikoso smell...

Anonymous said...

Referring to the sports fund pork barreling and the attempted cover up by the Morrison government, A Williams writes in his letter to The Canberra Times 15/2 :
" This is not democracy in action. Democracy is based on government of the people, by the people, and for the people. What we are given is government of the party, for the party, by the party".
That's become a common trend . A party centred government rather than a people centred government. Another good example of this is the Republicans putting party before the public interest in voting to acquit Trump of the impeachment charges without bothering to hear the testimony of pivotal witnesses.
The way some scandals involving Fiji First Party functionaries are swept under the carpet makes you wonder if the Fiji First mob put themselves first rather than the public good.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Press Freedom and Free Speech in Post Coup Fiji : The UN Finding.
In its latest Universal Periodic Review the Fijian State has been urged to lift controls on press freedom, free speech and freedom of association and assembly etc.
The Director of the Fiji Human Rights and AntiDiscrimination Commision Ashwin Raj told the Fiji Times 15/2 that he needs a few days to respond " in totality " to the report findings.
I don't think anyone is seriously waiting for Ashwin Raj's response " in totality ".
He has a fancy title and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. But he's just an appendage in the grand scheme of things in post coup Fiji. In fact he is a mere puppet on a string to be blunt.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Civil Society Response to UN Call.
We read in The Fiji Times article ' FWRM backs UN call ' ( 16/2 ) that the executive director of the Fiji Womens Right Movement Nalini Singh said the FWRM supported the UN call for the repressive laws to be repealed " as it hindered media freedom and was in direct contradiction of freedom of expression".
How come unlike Ashwin Raj she's been able to respond so quickly to the UN call?
It's because she's not under the sway of the power holders in Fiji.
The same can't be said of Ashwin Raj.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

In his letter to The Age ( 17/2 ) Jon Smith asks " Do we have a new type of democracy - government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the policians".
The new type of democracy we have have is government of the politicians and their cronies and sychophants. Trump's democracy is a classic example of this new type of democracy.
And we have poorer imitation of that closer at home and in our region.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

We learn from the Aljazeera article ' Xi had early knowledge of coronavirus severity, speech shows' ( 16/2 ) and the revelation " opens Xi up to criticism over why the general population was not alerted earlier. Trust in the government's approach to outbreaks remain fractured after the SARS epidemic of 2002 and 2003, which was covered up for months".
There is nothing new in this. Secrecy has always been the modus operandi of the authoritarian Chinese communist state. Keeping the people in the dark and denying them information and the right to freedom of expression has backfired time and again and has been very counterproductive .
But the communist leadership hasn't learned any enduring lessons from it.
The lesson we should draw from the Chinese State example is to not go done that path.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama opens a new low level bridge on Koro island ( The Fiji Times ). That's so symbolic seeing as he has opened a new low level in dirty politics in Fiji.
- Chiku

Anonymous said...

This PM does not understand the rule of law and therefore gets angry on anyone opposing him on any matter.

He is not perfect and neither is his buddy Khaiyum.

FICAC should investigate them for abuse of power in their own roles.

Other ministers are just puppets and ass lickers who are holding on to their jobs because they serve the big two demons Bai and Kai.

Anonymous said...

Whats Das doing now? is he on the dole?

Raja Saheb
Zetland, Sydney

Suomynona said...

With more brain drain like this and complete idiots replacing them with no intellect at all, government would do anything for themselves and never the people with Fiji going right down the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Fiji when it is run by a dictator and his Muslim criminals they should all gaoled or better in Muslim country shot dead for their crimes.

If Bai and Kai is removed today it will take years to recover from their mismanagement.
Everyone calls Chaudhry a crook but he took money from Indian tax payers and Bai and Kai are robbing the Fijian tax payers right under their noses they are the worst crook and criminals that are running the country.

Poor Fiji get out from there like I said in my previous posts, no future in Fiji until the real democratic governments is reinstated and real native Fijians are given power back

Muslims are not natives...

Anonymous said...

Antounette Bosman gives us a good idea of that in her letter ' Another Faux Pas ' in the Canberra Times ( 20/2/20 ). She writes :
" Mr Morrison's claim to have a "thick skin" shows, once again, he fails to understand his role. It's his job [ as PM ] to take on board criticism from the electorates[citizens] and develop the policies people need; not to shrug off their valid concerns".
Shrugging off criticism and concerns of the citizenry is not how a responsible democratic leader conducts himself.
That arrogance of power is something one associates with dictatorial rulers.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Whether in Fiji, Zimbabwe, Brazil, or Thailand the mob in power always attract privileges to themselves. Here is an example from Trump's America. The former head of the U.S. Office Of Government Ethics mocked White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump's trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as a taxpayer-funded " corporate " junket for the Trump Organisation.
The first daughter's trip coincides with promotions for the anniversary of the Trump golf course in Dubai. A couple of years ago when another Trump child went on a similar trip to Dubai it cost the American taxpayers in excess of $250,000. ( Read full details in 'Former Ethics Chief Mocks Ivanka Trump's Taxpayer-Funded ' Corporate Trip ' to Dubai in Politics, HuffPost 18/02/2020 ).
The privileged few have special privileges everywhere notwithstanding the rules of good governance.
They exempt themselves from the rules!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Benefit of a Free Society
In 2008 Bong Joon-ho was blacklisted by the South Korean State because it deemed his work was " too critical of government " . Today he has won the Oscar for his film Parasite( Aljazeera 20/2).
Only a free society can bring out the best in its citizens' talents.
Conversely, society is harmed when citizens are suppressed and fearful of a repressive State.
Rajend Naidu

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Anonymous said...

Wrong of Tim Nolan ( letters, The Age, 21/2 ) to accuse Wikileaks co-founder of cowardice. According to Confucius to see wrong and not act against it is moral cowardice. Assange alerted the world of the US war wrongdoings. That takes courage - a lot of courage - as William Brigg's points out in his letter ( 22/2 ) for Nolan's enlightenment .
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I do not understand what has been written in other languages above.
This blogger must be demonic, does not write in English and it is not Hindi or Fijian either, not that I understand that.

Fijians leave Fiji as there is no future there in the corrupted regime who took over since 2006 and will be there until Frank dies and goes to hell.

Maybe than Khaiyum will be the PM or go to gaol.

Anonymous said...

Should Frank die or suffer a debilitating stroke Khaiyum will NOT become PM. The military Generals waiting in the wings will not let that happen. Khaiyum is enjoying power ONLY because of Frank Bainimarama's protection. When he is gone ( for whatever reason ) Khaiyum's protection is gone. Time will tell what happens to Khaiyum then...