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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Khaiyum's blue-eyed boy, Faiz Khan, part of corrupt dealings

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was in Singapore last week and early this week receiving two stents to treat his stressed heart.

The overworked heart would’ve been under the pump when he heard that his blue-eyed boy Faiz Khan could very soon be under the microscope of Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) for his dealings while a Board Member of Fiji Revenue & Customs Service (FRCS).

A clear-cut case of abuse of office.
Faiz Khan: Under microscope

We have confirmed through reliable sources that on Monday 27th January, FICAC raided the law firm of Haniff Tuitoga lawyers at Garden City on Grantham Road, Raiwaqa, Suva.

The reason? Haniff Tuitoga lawyers were paid an undisclosed sum by FRCS to act as the defence lawyers for FRCS's suspended Director Compliance Intelligence & Investigation and Chief Ethical Officer, Shameem Khan, who was last year charged on corruption-related offences.

Shameem faces one out of abuse of office and one count of general dishonesty causing a loss. His trial will be held later this year.

The charges relate to allegations of him falsifying a investigation report causing FRCS more than $4 million loss in revenue.

We have confirmed that Haniff Tuitoga lawyers, whose partners are Faizal Haniff and Tomasi Tuitoga, were chosen by FRCS Board, particularly Faiz Khan to defend Shameem Khan and the law firm to be paid by FRCS using taxpayers funds.

Faiz Khan developed close ties with Shameem and we have been told by sources their ties started when Faiz Khan became a Board member with years ago. Sources say Faiz Khan, amongst other things, runs a family a trucking business that we are told is also given log carting business by Tropik Woods whose Chairman is Faiz Khan. The business also does work for Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Faiz Khan was using Shameem Khan to investigate and harass rivals to tarnish their names in order to promote the family business.

We are told he recommended Haniff Tuitoga as the law firm to represent Shameem Khan at taxpayer’s expense because as Airports Limited Executive Chairman, he had engaged the law firm for AFL. Even now when AFL has become Fiji Airports Limited and Faiz Khan as its CEO, Haniff Tuitoga are its lawyers.

How did this corrupt deal surface?

Sources have confirmed that almost two weeks ago FICAC entered the office of FRCS CEO Vishwanath Das and seized his laptop.

We have confirmed this happened after new FRCS Chairperson Faye Yee filed a complaint with FICAC to investigate alleged corrupt dealings in respect of abuse of taxpayers funds through payments to Shameem Khan while he was suspended was charged and had appeared in Court.

The new Board did not include Faiz Khan and its former Chairman, Ajith Kodagoda, who had used FRCS has its executioner against those they didn't like or rivals in business.

It is also confirmed that Das will be a short-term CEO, possibly until April if he is lucky, as he had authorised FRCS to continue paying Shameem Khan his full salary and until recently half salary. This full salary was in access of $130,000 per annum making Das also guilty of abuse of office like Faiz Khan.

We are told that the payment to Haniff Tuitoga lawyers was discovered after FICAC went through Das's laptop.

That is where the connection to Faiz Khan was discovered.

However, it must be remembered that the Minister responsible for FICAC is Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. Whether or not anything will happen to Faiz Khan is is your guess as good as ours.

Because so far FICAC hasn't moved against Khaiyum's aunt Nur Bano Ali over her benefiting to the tune of over $500,000 in fees as part of carrying out the restructure of New Dairy without a tender called for the task.

This is a wait and see game to see whether Khaiyum's blue-eyed boy Faiz Khan is hauled in for abuse of office or if Das is made the sacrificial lamb.


Anonymous said...

If past precedents are anything to go by - and I should think they are - then I suspect this Khaiyum lackey will get away scotfree just like the others under First First mafia mob protection.
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I got this wrong. I get a sense that a disproportionate number of Muslims have been implicated in crooked dealings in post coup Fiji. Could this be because a disproportionate number of Muslims have been installed in a variety of top positions in post coup Fiji where many have said the Attorney General and " Minister of Everything" Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is the real power holder calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Raja Sahab any comment?

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments. I am saddened by recent fraudulent activities by the muslim people appointed by Khaiyum.

There are smart very smart people like Visvanath but if he is corrupted than God help all those Hindus and Muslims holding high positions in Fiji.

I know that native Fijians were also corrupted but a person in high offices should be appointed on their qualifications and criminal free back ground.

We here in Sydney are now doing police checks before any staff is hired it is similar to qualifications check list.

I am a very senior Accountant myself and to hear abuse of powers and not following correct procedures will only discredit a persons character and will also likely be handed over to police for criminal proceedings.

I am not sure if that will happen in Fiji, only time will tell.

Raja Sahab,
Zetland, Sydney

Anonymous said...

We read in the Financial Times article ' Malawi court overturns 2019 presidential election result ' ( 4 Feb ) over " massive " irregularities that " The result was marred by Malawi's election commission failing to audit votes properly and allowing the results to be altered, the court said ".
The head of the penal of five judges said " In every election there will be irregularities but in the present matter, it has been our finding that the irregularities were so widespread,systematic and grave that the results of the elections have been compromised and cannot be trusted as a reflection of the votes".
Modecai Msisha, a lawyer for the opposition candidate Mr Chakwera, told the Financial Times that the ruling was a victory for democracy. " This not victory for [opposition parties], this the victory for the people of Malawi.. who gave evidence, who voted and pushed for justice".
In Australia the $100 million sports fund pork barreling by Coalition government minister Bridget Mckenzie cast questions over the integrity of Australia's last elections...
People in positions of power don't always do what's right.
In fact, it's not uncommon to find them doing what's crooked to advance their own vested interests.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Why is the Supervisor of Elections still employed? This position is only appointed closer to election dates and works with the elections office.

In Fiji the incumbent has not been changed for transparent reasons so is he there to rig the elections and work out the winner even before an election is called.

The current government has a lot to answer, lets not forget Andrew Hughes report on Bainimarama that he is a lying phyco who did the coup to clean the mess.
He created more mess and all the previous governments combined and the RFMF an the Fiji Police and the corrupted FICAC are all there to protect the criminals so they all should be charged themselves of aiding and abetting in crimes.

I am glad I left Fiji in 1983 a long time when I was a little kid so 37 years ago.

Raja Saheb
Zetland Sydney

Anonymous said...

Raja Sahab thank you for your comment. I should like to point out however that the " fraudulent activities by the Muslim people appointed by Khaiyum " that you mention is not a recent thing. It's been going on ever since Khaiyum's dubious rise to power via the Bainimarama coup of 2006. Many examples are available in the various Fiji blog sites. Some Muslims find this fact unpalatable and choose to gloss over it. You obvious don't belong among them. You are sadden by it. Will the Muslim people be able to restore their standing after the way Khaiyum and his cronies have scandalised the community?

Anonymous said...

Nick Toovey spells that out very succinctly in his letter ' This is what matters ' in The Age 5 Feb. He writes:
" Australians couldn't care less what gun club Bridget McKenzie belongs to and when she became a member. Her resignation as a minister for not declaring it is a complete smokescreen. She had become a scapegoat for the whole cabinet and its complicity in the pork barreling saga.[ That explains why the whole mob closed rank to support her and claim like they were reading from the same script that she had done " nothing wrong "].
What we care about is whether our elected government is being " upfront " with us. This has everything to do with honesty, transparency and accountability - not being fed spin, obfuscation and being patronised. [ Does this remind you of what Qorvis has been doing for a government in our region?!]
I'm sick of being treated like a mushroom - kept in the dark and fed you know what."
I agree completely. The more citizens we have like Nick Toovey the better our chance of holding power to account .
We must not passively accept any rubbish offloaded on us by our elected government if we want to preserve the integrity of our democratic system of governance.
We have a responsible role to play to call out the lies, the deceit, the dishonesty, the lack of transparency and the corruption . We must not be silent.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

We read in The Globe And Mail article ' South African court issues arrest warrant for ex-president Jacob Zuma ' ( 4 Feb) that Judge Dhaya Pillay found the document from a military hospital submitted by Mr Zuma's lawyers to say he was ill was " vague and unverified with the date altered".
Zuma was forced to resign in 2018 under a cloud of allegations about widespread corruption during his nine years as president.
The biggest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, welcomed the judge's decision to issue an arrest warrant. " We trust that this warrant sends a strong message to Mr Zuma that his tricks to evade accountability and justice will not be tolerated. No one is above the law".
This is indeed a critically important message. No one is above the law in a democracy. Zuma conducted himself as if he was above the law when he was president. He thought he was " untouchable " by the law.
But the law has a long reach and Zuma must now face justice.
There is a cautionary tale here for state officials elsewhere who think they can do corrupt deals and get away.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Behind every great man there's a great woman. True. Also true behind every crooked leader there's a crooked woman. The Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos' wife Imelda Marcos is perhaps the best example in modern times. The latest example is the Malaysian PM Najib Razak's wife Rosmah. She is being charged alongside her husband for corruption. Her husband former PM Razak is charged for looting millions of dollars from a government development fund. According to the prosecution his wife " exerted considerable influence over government decisions" ( Aljazeera and BBC 6/2 ). The influence she exerted was no doubt the crooked kind to amass their personal wealth.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Its not the Muslims that are bad, Khaiyum is bad and Bainimarama only trusts him and therefore he is running the show in Fiji.

I do not believe that Muslims or Hindus are bad people only a few who got selected for high positions abused their post and brought disgrace upon themselves as well as their own community.
This should open Khaiyum's eyes not to give positions to Hindus or Muslims only but qualified Fijians including native Fijians who are now very well educated and capable of doing those roles.

I have also noted they are hiring expatriates from Aust or NZ but they wont last.

I do wish Fiji all the best I love Fiji even though I left Fiji at a very young age I went to school with Ratu George Cakaobau and my brother was in the same class as Ratu Tanoa Cakabau that was long way back in primary in 1978/1979.

Raja Saheb,
Zetland, Sydney

Anonymous said...

In his letter ' When lies rule ' to the Sydney Morning Herald ( 12/2 ) Erik Kulakaukas writes :
"... Politicians are loose with the truth. When I first started taking a real interest in politics in the 1960s, if a politician lied to parliament, the press or the public, he/she was in serious trouble. This is no longer the case. A cornerstone of democracy is trust.
Trust in political processes and institutions. This trust is being rapidly eroded and represents a real threat to democracy ".
I agree completely. Erik Kulakaukas has put the decline in democratic standards of old so succinctly.
It seems in today's world of politics success is gained by lying, cheating, crooked dealing and the like.
What a crying shame!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Trump is the best example of a " successful " lying leader. But he is by no means unique. There are lying politicians everywhere. Some big liars, like Trump, and some comparatively small like... well, you know...
- chiku

Anonymous said...

All politicians are not rotten eggs. Let me clarify that. There are some very decent, honest and dedicated politicians committed to serving their people. All respect to them. But they have become something of an endangered species in today's world of politics.
- Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Sudan's ruthless rogue ex- president Omar al-Bashir is to handed over to ICC for war crimes, crimes against humanity, rape, plunder and god knows what else. The ICC warrant for his arrest was issued in 2009 but the rogue ruler continued to strut about as if he was untouchable. But his luck has run out. Now he must face justice. His case must once again be a reminder to rogue rulers elsewhere to beware the long reach of justice.
( for details see ' Omar al-Bashir : Sudan agrees ex-president must face ICC ' BBC 11/2/20 ).
Rajend Naidu

Suomynona said...

With Ayarse running the show and FICAC, no way is he or his goons going to be investigated as the country continues to flop with two idiots (him and Frankie) keeping much needed funding to themselves and not for the people.

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